CBSE Emails Private Candidate 2024 | How to reply?

Some students who are going to appear as a Private Candidate in CBSE Board Exam 2024, have received an email from the board itself. Is it a normal scenario? How should a candidate reply to such mails? Should a candidate worry if he or she has not received similar mail yet? I will answer these questions in this post. 


CBSE- Regional Office, Pune, sent an email to a private candidate -- 

With reference to your online application for appearing in Board’s Examination 2024, you are requested to please provide the copy of confirmation page and marksheet when appeared as a regular candidate of Previous Year through return mail 



Some candidates have already received similar mail, some might in coming days. Also Read: CBSE Private Candidate 2024 Admit Card Release Date


What to do if you received similar mail? 

Candidates should not panic after receiving a mail like above. Just reply to such email by attaching the documents that have been requested from you. 


You should not create fresh email for sending requested documents. Send all documents in reply to the same mail that has been sent to you by the board. It will be convenient for the board to address your case. 


The board demands certain documents from private candidates to ascertain their eligibility for the board exam. It’s a normal procedure and even last year several candidates were contacted by the board. 


As private candidates submit their application themselves, some mistakes are bound to happen. By requesting documents, the board also tries to help such candidates. 


It is wise that you don’t sit idle after receiving an email from the board. If you have been asked to send certain documents, send them quickly. Otherwise, the board might not issue your admit card.  


Private Candidates who have not received any communication from the board yet should not worry too much. Just keep checking your mail inbox regularly. The board does not contact every private candidate. 


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