What is Essential Repeat in CBSE Board Exam Result 2020?

CBSE declared the result of Class 12 and Class 10 Board Exam 2020 with a significant change. An interesting step taken by CBSE this time is that they have used the term “Essential Repeat” in the result of both classes. We will discuss in this post, what is Essential Repeat in CBSE Board Exam Result 2020? 

What is Essential Repeat? 

For the first time, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has used the term “Essential Repeat” in the result of Class 10 and Class 12 Board Exams 2020. CBSE has used it to replace the dreaded “Fail” from the result. It has decided to abandon the use of this “Fail” terminology which creates unnecessary panic in the minds of students. Also Read: How to Prepare Physics for Class 12 Board Exam?



According to CBSE, “Fail” word in the result of Board Exam, is highly demotivating for students. Hence, the board has decided to do away with this term. And it will now use “Essential Repeat” replacing “Fail” in the result.  

Difference between Fail and Essential Repeat 

CBSE has used “Essential Repeat” to replace “Fail”. Hence, there is not much difference between the two terminologies. It is just that the board is not saying directly to a student that he has failed in the board examination. If a student in Class 12 with 5 main subjects fails in 2 or more subjects, his result bears “Essential Repeat”.  Also Read: How to Prepare Chemistry for Class 12 Board Exam?


CBSE Class 10 students who have not secured passing marks in 3 subjects or more would see Essential Repeat in their result. Essentially, it means that a student has not secured passing marks in minimum subjects required to appear in compartment exam. And the students need to appear in the board examination again next year.


Looking at Corona Pandemic, some news agencies were saying earlier that students with Essential Repeat will be given a chance to appear in all subjects in which they have not secured passing marks; when the situation becomes conducive. But, CBSE has now cleared doubts revolving around Essential Repeat. There will be no special examination for them and students with Essential Repeat will lose one precious year.         


CBSE has released guidelines regarding Essential Repeat. It is fair to assume that students with Essential Repeat in their result have failed in their exam. They need to appear in all the subjects next year. They cannot appear even in compartment examination. 


  1. Sir pls give a chance who has got essential repeat in 12 class because my child also has given only 2 papers and got marks 1st is 33 (accounts) and 2nd 45(economics) by chance and cbse declaired result is essential repeat sir how it can be possible only behaf 2 papers cbse say fail. sir pls she is the best in her school in english and can prove if you give a chance and you failed her. so pls think about re exam with compartment exam for all those students (ER)

  2. state govt aap with cbse ko sochna chayie ki jin commerce students ke corona ki vjh se sirf 2 paper(accounts ,economics) hue hai baki 3 paper hue hi nhi hai sirf 2 papers ke number dekhte hue jbki unme unke passing marks bhi h phr bhi unko (essention repeat) mtlb fail kyo kiya ye galat hua hai unke sath unka 1 saal kharab hota hai essy bacche mindly disturb ho rahe hai socide tk bhi soch sakte h uska jimmedar kaun hoga essey students ko pls sir ek chance to de compt ke papers ke sath

  3. Please sir give students one chance because of this pandemic everything messed up and they didnt got the opportunity.......


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