How to avoid Negative Marking in NEET?

Every year more than 15 lakh candidates appear in the NEET. But, only a few thousands of them achieve success in this Medical entrance exam. Majority of candidates fail to qualify in this entrance exam. And hence NEET is also regarded as one of the toughest exams in the country. Negative marking is one of the main reasons for the poor performance of candidates in NEET. How to avoid negative marking in NEET? Let us find the answer to this question.

Negative Marking in NEET
NTA conducts NEET in which 180 objective type questions are asked. Each correct answer will fetch you 4 marks while for every incorrect answer 1 mark is deducted from the total score. Hence, it is wise for candidates to leave questions in which they are not fully confident. If a candidate commits too many mistakes in NEET, then negative marking ultimately affects his/her All India Rank 
Causes of Negative Marking
1)      Overconfidence: It is nice to be confident during the examination. But, there is a very little gap between confidence and overconfidence. Students often tick answer without reading questions carefully. This must be avoided during NEET.

2)      Excitement: Many candidates appear in NEET for the first time. They commit mistakes due to excitement. In NEET, you don’t only need to read questions carefully. You should also read the four options carefully before selecting the right one. Even if you find the correct answer in the first option, go through the other options carefully.

3)      Greed: Majority of candidates commit mistakes due to greed. They think that a correct answer will award me 4 marks. Hence, they attempt too many questions without knowing the right answer.

4)      Luck Testing: Some candidates test their luck during examination. They blindly tick random options without knowing the correct answer or even reading the question paper. These students often end up getting marks like -10, -26, -35, etc. 

5)      Incorrect filling of OMR Sheet: In NEET, you need to record your answer in an OMR sheet by circling correct option. Many students commit mistakes while filling OMR sheet.

How to avoid Negative Marking in NEET?
There are no written rules for avoiding negative marking in NEET or other competitive exams. But, you can surely avoid it by following below mentioned points-

1)      Read the questions carefully before selecting your answer.

2)      Read all four options carefully before ticking the correct answer. 

3)      Don’t attempt questions in which you are not fully confident.

4)      Never select answer blindly thinking that some of them will eventually get right and will fetch you 4 marks.

5)      Circle correct answer in the OMR sheet carefully.

6)      Control your emotions in the examination hall and concentrate on each question carefully   


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