Important Biology Diagrams for Class 12 Board Exams

Diagrams are very crucial in any examination of Biology. They can surely make your answer more beautiful and fetch you higher marks. Students who are eyeing to score more than 90 marks in this subject, must not ignore diagrams or it might cost them dearly. In this post, we will be discussing about some of the important diagrams of Biology for class 12 Board exams.

Importance of Diagrams
Whether you are going to appear in CBSE, ISC or state board exams conducted by the likes of BSEB, JAC, etc, it doesn’t matter really. Importance of diagrams in Biology is enormous. Suppose, Hershey-Chase Experiment is asked in the exam. If you don’t know the answer, but simply draw all the related diagrams, CBSE will give you full marks for that.

Important Diagrams of Biology for Class 12 Board Examination
Students should solely rely on NCERT while preparing for diagrams. That will also boost your preparation of NEET. There are five units in Class 12 Biology NCERT. Important Diagrams from all 5 units have been listed below.

Asexual reproductive structures, Diversity of sexuality in Monoecious plant Chara and Dioecious plant Marchantia, T.S (Transverse Section) of a young anther, Stages of microspore maturing into a pollen grain, Anatropous ovule, Mature Embryo Sac, Female Reproductive System in Human Beings, All Diagrams of Gametogenesis topic.

Punnet Square, Diagram of Test cross, Incomplete dominance and Dihybrid cross, Pedigree Analysis, Nucleosome, The Hershey-Chase experiment, Replicating Fork, Transcription unit of tRNA, lac Operon, Operation of natural selection on different traits.

UNIT 08: Biology in Human Welfare
Stages in the life cycle of Plasmodium, Structure of an antibody molecule, Replication of retrovirus

E. coli cloning vector pBR322, PCR, Bioreactor

Age pyramids, Population growth curve, Trophic levels, Pyramid of numbers/ biomass/ energy, Inverted pyramid of biomass, Phosphorus cycling, Graph of species-area relationship, Contribution of greenhouse gases


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