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SRFTI 2017: Satyajit Ray Film Institute Entrance Exam

Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute of Kolkata is one of the top Institutes of India. For taking admission in 3-year PG Course in Cinema of this Institute, students can apply from the second week of April 2017. 

Number of Seats and Course Duration
1.   There are 70 seats in SRFTI for which approx 5000 candidates will appear in this year exam. Out of 70 seats, 10 seats are for Animation Cinema and 12 seats each for other courses. For foreign students, maximum 2 seats are available. In absence of eligible foreign students, available seats will be offered to national candidates.
2.   The course duration is of 3 years.

1.   Candidates must have graduation degree in any discipline from a recognized university for appearing in this exam.
2.   For Animation Cinema, candidates must have strong command in drawing.

SRFTI 2017 Exam and Result Date
Entrance exam will be conducted in the third week of May for admission into six different courses. Last year approximately 5000 candidates appeared in this exam. SRFTI entrance exam will be conducted for following six courses.

1.   Direction and Screenplay Writing
2.   Cinematography
3.   Editing
4.   Sound Recording & Design
5.   Producing for Film and Television
6.   Animation Cinema

Result of SRFTI will be declared in the last week of June 
The official website of SRFTI is You can visit this site to know more about this exam and to fill online application form for SRFTI entrance exam.

SRFTI 2017 Application and Course fee
1.   Application fee for SC & ST candidates is Rs 500 while application fee for other candidates is Rs 2000
2.   During admission Rs 51,400 will be taken which includes Tuition fees, Library fees & Library security deposit, Internet Fees and Security deposit. For every course, Rs 26,200 will be charged for 2nd to 6th semester.
3.   Other charges include Hostel admission Fees, Hostel security deposit, Hostel rent and Water & Electricity. You need to deposit Rs 18,300 as other charge during admission and Rs 12,700 from 2nd to 6th semester.
4.   In FTII of Pune, in 11 different courses annual fee is charged between 33,000 to 200,000 Rupees.

Scholarship and Awards
Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute also gives scholarships to its brilliant students. This scholarship is given either for one year or for one discipline two scholarships are rewarded to student based on his or her academic performance. In addition to it, state government also gives Stipend to students in Merit List. 

SRFTI 2017 Exam Pattern and Selection Process
A candidate needs to go through three stages of selection process for entering into SRFTI. The three stages of selection process include Written Test, Interactive Orientation Course and Interview. All three stages have specific marks distribution. Written Examination will be conducted in 13 cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Patna, Lucknow, Bhopal, Guwahati, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Raipur and Bhubaneswar. Let us take a look at SRFTI exam pattern and selection process in detail.

1. SRFTI conducts a written entrance examination of 3 hours duration. Exam paper comprises three sections and it carries 100 marks. Candidates need to answer in English language only. The three sections of the written exam paper and marks carried by them have been mentioned below.                                  
Mental Aptitude
Creative Aptitude
Specific Area Aptitude

2.   SRFTI question paper contains seven question groups. Out of 7, “Group A” on Mental Aptitude and Creative Aptitude will be mandatory for all candidates. For Specific Area Aptitude test, candidates need to select one out of six other groups.
3.   There is no Negative Marking in this written examination.
4.  Cut-off marks for general category and reserved category students in written test are 40 percent and 35 percent respectively. Based on Merit List, a maximum of 20 candidates will be called for Interactive Orientation Course and Interview from each course.
5. After four-day Interactive Orientation Course for all departments, Interview will be conducted.
6.   Relative marks distribution for the three stages of the selection process is as follows-                             
Written Test
Interactive Orientation Course

7.  If there is a tie between two successful candidates, candidate with higher marks in Specific Area Aptitude Test will get preference in the Merit List.


  1. It's an old pattern, now they only have one paper of 100 marks in 2016.
    Mental Ability= 20marks
    Creative Aptitude= 40marks
    Specific Area Test= 40marks

    1. The above post has now been updated and it is based on the latest SRFTI Exam Pattern. Thanks Ravi for your valuable feedback.

  2. Can i give entrance exam for direction and screenplay writting and cinematography both?

    1. I think that is not possible because for Specific Area Aptitude Test one should select one out of six courses. And you are not allowed to submit multiple applications too. But, I will recommend you to go through the prospectus for confirmation.


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